Invisible Children | Kony2012

Invisible Children | Kony2012. (Click the  link)

I believe in spreading the word that we can all contribute to stopping the #1 international war criminal. Watch the video if you want to weep, hope and act.

For weeks now, I have been jolted awake by the reality of human trafficking happening all around us, most everywhere, including American suburbs. Perhaps this is why the video I’m encouraging you to watch moved me so. Though it portrays a problem half a world away from me, it now seems up close, personal.

I also have some firsthand knowledge of this region and the LRA, as two good friend of mine have worked in Sudan, training chaplains in an army fighting the LRA, trying to teach the word and way of Jesus in the midst of tribal, civil and religious war.

Finally, I have supported Invisible Children in the past, because I trusted the band Third Day when they asked me to give to that cause. Now, I think that support can come from a more personal place and be given in a more direct way.

You can help too.